Ashtari, Waking Up Your Senses

Ashtari has been a landmark in Lombok since its opening in 2006.


It is located on the top of the hill with breathtaking ocean views of South Lombok towards Sumbawa. From sunrise to sunset, you spend your day chilling out in this magical place. We offer world cuisine with many Indonesian and vegetarian options. Morning sun kissing your skin while enjoying your healthy homemade granolas, afternoon breeze awaking your senses with home made French fries and fresh mango juices and night moon revealing its deepest secrets with pineapple mint roska, our daily Happy Hour pizza or Friday BBQ nights on the open-air terrace.


With its multi-color stones, Ashtari is a majestic Spanish styled “Masia” construction that features outdoor and indoor comfortable seating. In this parallel world, you will connect to nature and visit all day yoga classes, immerse yourself in the local Sasak culture through a traditional cooking class and appreciate the rich organic items of the vegetable garden. You can even stay overnight and experience Ashtari Loft, a 100sqm comfortable seafront apartment with a 18sqm private terrace.


There is something magical about this place that wakes up your senses. You will carry that precious memory with you on your next journey.